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Turn your workforce
into Security Champions

Build a security program that incentivizes and rewards employees to take action - protecting your company and its customers 
Level up your champion program with a product that delivers custom rewards and incentives to your champions while removing time-consuming program administration. You can finally bring your creative ideas to life and build a fully customized and unique motivating experience for your culture.

How Katilyst helps you build successful security champion programs

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Whether launching a new program or looking for a fresh start, Katilyst can work closely with your security team to define your program's goals and motivational elements to help roll out a compelling and engaging experience.
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Build a solid and engaging community centered around learning by working with Katilyst's industry experts to build customized sessions that align to your unique educational needs.
A security champion community takes constant effort to keep engagement levels high. Katilyst provides expert community managers to interact with your champions, ensuring their actions are being encouraged while providing thought-provoking content to pique their curiosity.
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Encourage your champions to 
take action

Our product provides a compelling experience to keep your champions engaged using proven behavioral science techniques, as well as the ability to customize your digital experience to match your company culture.

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Automatically detect actions taken by your champions and provide instant feedback

Learn more about our methodology to build compelling security champion programs

Our free guide details how we approach building successful programs.

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